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Twin Tongues / Lenguas gemelas

In an English-dominant world, can a pair of Latinx twins learn English without losing their Spanish? Now in post-production phase, Twin Tongues/Lenguas Gemelas interrogates how racist discourses cause language loss in diasporic communities. Shot in Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico, the film wrestles with the high-stakes choices that speakers make in relation to their languages today.


This reflective and humorous 12-minute nonfiction film explores the life and desires of Marcial, a Peruvian immigrant who washes dishes at Harvard University while he dreams of playing music in the Latin musical scene of Cambridge, Massachusetts (2001).

Virtual Parrandas

A yearly family project directed by Iliana Pagán Teitelbaum to maintain the Puerto Rican Parranda musical tradition in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic. The family production process is kept fun by being limited to what the parents, kids (and a quarantine puppy) can do in exactly 5 days by New Year’s Eve, since the year 2020

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